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Training of Civil Society organization on climate impacts

Climate change is already affecting all of us. This happens due to the increase of green house gases in the atmosphere. Fossil fuel burning is a major reason for this. Sri Lanka as an Island country is highly vulnerable to climate change. Recent floods affected over one million people in the North and Eastern Provinces and also in the Western Province in the Capital of the country.

According to the recent analysis made by the Asian Development Bank, flooding, earth slides, and sea level rise in the Western, Eastern and Southern province will have negative impacts on the food security and nature based livelihoods. A survey conducted by the Centre for Environmental Justice in 2009 found that communities engage in agriculture, fishery will be highly affected in future.

According to the CEJ study, it revealed that majority of the public (more than 58%) are still unaware of the concept of global climate change and its possible causes and impacts. Furthermore, most people were confused of seasonal variations in weather and catastrophic climatic variations. Yet, there is no public awareness especially the vulnerable communities are highly unaware about the causes as well as the tool for resilience and adaptation. This let the communities heavily affect during the climate disasters such as flooding. Unlike some other countries, there is no institution/s who delivers the knowledge to vulnerable communities.

We hope this project will identify and mobilize local actions such as flood resilience, drought resilience, river bank protection, identify flood and drought resilient seed varieties etc. It is important to prepare them by sharing with such experience in other places.

Project Objectives  

The project will educate CSOs on climate impacts, Mobilize CSOs to work with vulnerable communities and conduct a research on most vulnerable communities and their potential to face climate disasters and project ideas that can be developed to face the future climate impacts.

The project will result adequate awareness among the Civil Society Organization to educate own communities on how to be ready with the future climate disasters and how to react when a climate disaster happens. It will result informal education of the communities by organizing smaller workshops and informing the membership of the community based organizations. It will also find public opinion on possibilities for adapting to future changes and consider, identify or initiate projects to face future climate impacts.

The activites have been supported by the KOREA GREEN FOUNDATION for a one year period.



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Environmental Issues


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  • Mercury free hospitals
  • Stop PCB contaminated items
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Things you can do

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  • Stop Buying Leaded paint. Ask for lead free paint!
  • Drink Tap water. Its more safe.
  • Beware of cosmetics. Some may contain lead or Mercury!
  • Save Energy! Insted CFL bulbs look for LED bulbs.
  • Keep old CFL bulbs away from your kids. It contains Hg.
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