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Sri Lanka is planning to build a nuclear power plant by 2025. Do we need to generate power from Nuclear sources. Read more.

Lead is a deadly heavy metal. Decorative paints contain leaded raw material. Now unleaded paint is available in the market. Read more

4th South Asian Conference on Sanitation will be held in April 4-8 in Hotel Cinnamon Grand. Civil Society Conference on Sanitation will be held from 1-2 April 2011. Read more
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Environmental Issues


  • No Lead in Paint
  • Mercury free hospitals
  • Stop PCB contaminated items
  • Don't Nuke Sri Lanka

Recent Cases

  • Case on Colombo Flooding
  • MC case against a service station in Maharagama

Things you can do

  • Be a green!
  • Ask your Minister not to Nuke Sri Lanka
  • Stop Buying Leaded paint. Ask for lead free paint!
  • Drink Tap water. Its more safe.
  • Beware of cosmetics. Some may contain lead or Mercury!
  • Save Energy! Insted CFL bulbs look for LED bulbs.
  • Keep old CFL bulbs away from your kids. It contains Hg.
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